The course here are for the Information and Communication Technology Department of the Osun Sate University.

Automata Theory is, perhaps, the fundamental course in computing. The is because the subject-matter of Automata Theory is the most influential topic in every aspects of computing. The concepts and principles underpinning all the subfields of computing science and engineering have their roots in Automata Theory (AT). Indeed many everyday devices that carry out some forms of computation are first conceptualised and formally expressed as Automata. For example, the development (i.e. specification, formulation, design, modelling, implementation and simulation) of a number of important computing devices will be impossible without the use of concepts and principles from automata theory.

This is a project course. In this course you are to conduct and document a project in computing as related to Information and Communication Technology. The purpose of the project is for you to demonstrate your ability to give expression to all you have been taught since Part one to the present. You will need to select a topic of interest and demonstrate your ability to carry out the  following in line with the standard best practices in Information and Communication Technology:

  1. Statement of  the problem,
  2. Aim,
  3. Objective,
  4.  Methodology,
  5. Documentation, and
  6. Project seminar defense.