Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Obafemi Awolowo University|Ile-Ife


Goal of our Research effort

The main goal of this research group and its laboratory, as well as all activities around it, is to create a community of intellectuals in a research environment which stimulates and promote multi-disciplinary collaboration in and around computing and intelligent systems. To achieve this goal, we will be conducting exploratory, empirical and experimental studies on computing and intelligent systems in terms of:

  1. computing and intelligent systems structures, configuration, topology, parameters and variables; their characteristics and behaviour under different situations;
  2. issues relating to the philosophy, theory and ideas of interest to computating processes and their realisations;
  3. issues relating to the philosophy, theory and ideas of interest to computating processes and their realisations;
  4. computational exploration of applications that we consider to be beneficial in the responsible and peaceful use of computing technology in human society and those that have potential as tools in teach and learning in all aspect of human endeavour.

We are also concerned about the direct and indirect consequence of our research activities in terms of its effects on the natural environment.

Research Philosophy

The research that is conducted in the laboratory are aimed at creating a synergy between the scientific and artistic knowledge underlying computing with focus on indeginous intellectual resoruces. Aside from the philosophy that will guide individual research projects in this laboratory, the guiding principle and philosophy of this laboratory shall be:

working together as a family in a community whose aim is to generate and apply computing knowledge and models of intelligent behaviours for education and peaceful applications

To this end, cooperation rather than completion, collectivity rather than individuality, long-term goal rather than short-term benefits, are the hall-mark of all works in this laboratory. The laboratory considers the failure of a member as its failure and the success of each member as its success. The efforts that individuals expend in helping other people, within and outside the laboratory, is highly cherished and greatly valued. Efforts to make the research and development outputs of the laboratory benefit people inside and outside the immediate environment are acknowledged and greatly valued.

e-learning Support

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Takada Text Editor

Takada is a text editor that is sole design for Yoruba Text

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The style file was designed to satisfy the requirements of the Faculty of Technology, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria.