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We welcome you to the official website of the Ife Computing and Intelligent System Research Group(IFECISRG).

The computer is becoming an indispensable piece of equipment in modern society with an overwhelming influence on the way humans create and solve problems. Modern computers have become ubiquitous in our work and play environments and perhaps, the way we think about the environment. The need to reflect on conventional computing concepts from the perspectives of indigenous knowledge and intellectual system of thought presents exciting new challenge to contemporary academic and researchers. The explanations and interpretations arising from the reflection can provide interesting views with potential applications that can be harnessed to support the development of powerful and usefulness computing tools. One of the goals of this research group and its laboratory, as well as all activities around it, is to facilitate productive interactions in a community of intellectuals in a research environment which stimulates and promotes multi-disciplinary exchange of ideas in, and around, computing and intelligent systems. The hope is that the emerging new perspective will inform the conceptualisation and re-conceptualisation of potent computing artefacts.

Research Outcome

Takada Text Editor

Takada is a text editor that is sole design for Yoruba Text

Download Takada Here

OAU LaTEX Thesis Packages

The style file was designed to satisfy the requirements of the Faculty of Technology, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria.

Download Customised LaTex Here

Onka Yoruba

Ònkà Yorùbá Software for Windows